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Long Term Visas

It is now easier than ever to stay in Vietnam for an extended time. We know: You have heard the terrible stories of expats who leave the country every 3 months travel to Cambodia or Thailand for a weekend get a new visa and return – only to repeat the whole process all over again in 3 more months.

well it is just not necessarily true

we can get you a visa of any length 1 month to 3 years. With a multi-year visa, you can just enjoy your stay. No longer to you have to leave the country; no longer do you have to deal with government bureaucracy every 3 months or even pay additional fees. Do it once and be done with it.

All you need to do

For renewal visas

If you are in the country and have a valid Vietnam visa (even if it will soon expire): just bring us 3 things:

We will return your passport and new visa or residency card within 2 weeks (and you will pay the remaining portion of the cost at that time)

For first time visas

If you are not in Vietnam you must apply for a new visa (even if you have had one previously. the same if your visa has expired (although we do not recommend being in country with an expired visa). We can get you a "visa on entry". With this visa you need send us (electronically will do):

We will send you what is called an “invitation letter”, which includes the needed reference letter. When you arrive at the point of entry, you show this letter to the customs official and your visa will be entered only your passport. There will be an additional consular fee payable at that point. You never have to surrender your passport


Frequently asked questions

I thought only certain select people could qualify for long term visas?

While it is true that there are special visas for those people who have businesses here, or are gainfully employed or who are married to Vietnamese citizens, it is also possible for any ordinary person to get an extended-term visa.

Isn't it expensive?

Well, it does cost more to get a long term visa than a short term visa but if you compare the cost of a 3 year visa to the cost of getting a new 3 month visa 12 times over 3 years, it is not much more — and if you include the cost of leaving the country to get your renewal , the long tern visa may be even cheaper.

But am afraid of being without my passport?

Your passport is indeed a very valuable document. For that reason we keep it in your possession the greatest possible time.

Our prices (which can’t be beat)

Example prices for US citizens — other countries may be higher or lower

Type of service Notes Price
Extension for residence permit 1 month single entry
Visa classes: C1,B1
28 USD
Extension for residence permit

3 month single entry
Visa classes: B1,2,3, C2

35 USD
Extension Visa

1 month, single entry

60 USD

Extension Visa

3 month, single entry
Visa classes: B1,2,3

65 USD

Residentce card

1 year, multiple entry
Visa classes: B1,2,3

850 USD

Residentce card

2 year, multiple entry
Visa classes: B1,2,3

1100 USD
New Visa 3 month, single entry 75 USD
New Visa 3 month, multiple entry 90 USD
New Visa 3 month, multiple entry
Visa classes: B1,2,3
90 USD
Work permit   550 USD


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